Put your Tri Fold Brochure online and reach customers online

The challenge for most businesses is taking an existing print trifold brochure and sharing it across digital channels. I'll show you how you can effectively take your trifold brochure and present it in your social feeds, display it on your website, share it in emails, and be persuasive while doing it.

One of the most prolific offline marketing pieces is the humble trifold brochure. You'll see trifolds used for menus, product brochures, tourism activities, non-profit services descriptions, lawn care and even banking products.

It's a compact, effective way to tell your business story in a familiar format. Trifolds have a compelling introductory cover, an impressive body of services or product descriptions, and a powerful call to action to bring customers home. It's just enough information to drive the customer to take the next step, especially in this short attention span era.

The challenge for most businesses is unlocking that offline marketing investment and distributing it across your digital channels. How can you effectively take that trifold brochure and present it in your social feeds, display it on your website, share it in emails, and be persuasive doing it?

The traditional way has been to just attach the PDF version of that trifold brochure file and give it to your customer, either through email or in a PDF viewer. But this is a really poor customer experience.

Forcing the customer to download a huge file as an email attachment or from your website.
Presenting the trifold with it's six panels all out of order, confusing the customer.
Spoiling the content reveal experience of the trifold.
Displaying a flat, lifeless, unprofessional presentation.
Have a sense of dread that they could be downloading a virus.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Compare the customer experience of the exact same brochure, first being presented as a PDF, and then being presented as an online trifold brochure on it's own microsite.

It's pretty obvious which experience is better for your customer.

Why Online Trifolds Work

Using a tool like simplebooklet you can share your trifold brochure online in the way it was meant to be experienced. Simplebooklet even enhances the content experience and improves engagement through SEO optimization and call to action buttons.

Best of all, it's incredibly easy. You just upload the PDF version of your trifold brochure, customize the microsite it's presented on, then start sharing it from the unique, dedicated URL.

So, why is this so much better than just sending a PDF trifold attachment?

No files to download, no attachments to open
Since your new online trifold brochure is a webpage, all your customer needs is to open the link in a browser, on their computer, tablet, or phone. No more worrying about huge download limits or getting a virus.

It looks like your trifold was meant to look
A trifold has a certain revealing experience. First you see the cover, then you open up the first panel and often find a quick summary of all the great things about the product or service, plus a teaser panel that shows there is so much more, then you open the second panel and you see the entire presentation of the business. Flip it over and the middle panel is often a detailed description of how to get in touch with your business.

By recreating this same experience, you ensure your customer has the same presentation they would get if the trifold was in their hands. Compare that to getting a PDF of the trifold with all the panels out of order.

Setting a professional stage for the presentation of your trifold
You only get one chance at a first impression. So make sure your customer is impressed. A trifold just sitting on a blank page doesn't say much about your business.

The webpage you present your trifold on should have what all good microsites have: clear calls to action, imagery and icons that are familiar, your brand front and center, and a strong professional look. Otherwise you lose the opportunity to build trust and confidence in your business with your potential customer.

Enhanced reach across digital channels
Having your trifold brochure online means you unlock a lot more value from your existing investment. You probably paid a graphic designer to make your trifold, or used an online DIY service like Vistaprint or Canva to make it. So you've got a box of hundreds or thousands of these that you distribute from brochure racks around town or on your businesses checkout counter. The reach and distribution is very limited and each brochure costs you money when you give it away.

Online, you get huge economies of scale. Every time you share a brochure, it doesn't cost you a dime. You can get it into so many more hands than the offline world. And having compelling content online means you tap into the sharing economy, where customers share it with one another. Instead of being limited to a thousand physical brochures, your brochure can be shared in the millions.

What's even better is that the inherent design of a trifold brochure means it is very effective in the way we consume content through our favored channels. The cover page of a trifold works well in a post on a social network on in an email. The limited content of a trifold reassures a customer that they aren't in for an unending stream of content, you are going to get your message across in six quick panels. A customer is much more willing to give you their attention if they know it won't take much commitment on their part.

Don't have an existing trifold brochure? Make one.

There are lots of sources online for building a trifold brochure. Here are just a couple of ways to get started:

Do It Yourself Tools: Canva, Vistaprint, Zazzle.
Do It For You: Sir Speedy, PIP, Local Graphic Designer.
Templates: Microsoft Word, Google Slides, Envato Market, Creative Market.

Once you've made your trifold brochure, you can upload it to Simplebooklet and get your very own microsite for your new marketing collateral.

Make it on Simplebooklet

It's easy to make your trifold brochure from scratch right on Simplebooklet. Using the Start Fresh (Blank) option on the dashboard, choose the trifold layout option then fill in six panels with your text, images and links. In the Design tab, configure your trifold microsite to match your brand and style. Once you're happy with it, it's time to distribute.

What You Can Do With An Online Trifold

Every simplebooklet trifold brochure gets its own dedicated URL. You don't need a website or service provider. Just upload it, configure it with some valuable SEO data (contact info, about info), and voila, you've got a microsite for your trifold. But you still need to get it out to your customers, and you know best where they hang out online. Here are a few suggestions:

Post it to Facebook
Your trifold brochure cover page looks great and is compelling. So post it to your facebook newsfeed. And do it a few times a month to keep it front and center for your fans. You can even post an animated gif of your trifold cover page from the PROMOTE tab in Simplebooklet.

Add it to Google Maps
Updating your Google My Business listing to contain a link to your trifold brochure is very useful, especially if you haven't claimed your business there with a website. Having your trifold brochure is a great way to provide a map's user access to timely information that is easy to quickly consume.

Pin it to Pinterest
Adding your trifold to pinterest is a great way to have it get bundled with other relevant content. You'll find your brochure gets pinned to boards with content that enhances and lends credibility to your product or service. Tourism brochures get pinned to destination pinboards, menus get pinned to favorite restaurant boards. Your brochure will end up getting pinned to multiple boards.

Embed it on your own website
Hey, this is where people actively look for your stuff. Why not make sure your brochure is there and ready to be flipped.

Make it downloadable
When you save your trifold brochure as a PDF on simplebooklet, it actually saves it in the right order for viewing as a PDF. So all six panels are in the right order for viewing on the two page layout of a PDF. At least you'll make the PDF reading experience convenient for your customer.

Add it as part of your email signature
Placing the link to your trifold brochure in your email signature means it's available to anyone who reads your email correspondence. They can choose at anytime to open up your trifold.

Send it to your email list
With the Simplebooklet mailchimp integration or just as a stand alone email, you'll send a rich html email that highlights the cover page and encourages your recipient to open your brochure. And because a trifold is usually a narrow panel, it actually presents well in an email window, even on a mobile device.

Get Your Trifold Working For You

It's time to stop letting your offline trifold brochures gather dust in the corner of your office. Put them to work digitally and extract a lot more value from your investment in them.

Some example tri-folds on simplebooklet